Vital Ideas: Sex

Vital Ideas: Sex

ADU-VIS | ISBN 978-1-933147-81-9 | Softcover |
164 pages


Edited by Regina Barreca, professor of English at the University of Connecticut

Vital Ideas: Sex—the idea of it can capture our intellectual imagination as much as desire captures our physical selves. Ranging from biblical stories to Freud and contemporary fiction, the selections in this volume invite you to think about sex rather than just chortle or blush. This compact, topical anthology will generate exciting and rewarding discussions for college courses in reading and composition, as well as book groups of all kinds. Questions for discussion and writing prompts accompany each selection.

David and Bathsheba
2 Samuel 11-12:7
To His Mistress Going to Bed
John Donne
To His Coy Mistress
Andrew Marvell
Degradation in Erotic Life
Sigmund Freud
Fay Weldon
Helen of Troy Does Counter Dancing
Margaret Atwood
Taking Off Emily Dickinson’s Clothes
Billy Collins
Girl Advocacy Again*
Joan Jacobs Brumberg
Esta Noche
Mark Doty
Susan Minot
Love and Trust
Louann Brizendine
First Love
Mona Simpson
For the Relief of Unbearable Urges
Nathan Englander

*Indicates a selection from a longer work.