Book Groups and Colleges

  • New Titles

    New Titles

    These new titles represent the Great Books Foundation’s ongoing commitment to provide you with material to keep the Great Conversation alive and strong in your discussion groups and classrooms.

  • Shared Inquiry Handbook

    Shared Inquiry Handbook

    A free downloadable resource to help your book group have more engaging and rewarding discussions.

  • Great Conversations

    Great Conversations

    The Great Conversations series offers a range of classic and contemporary selections ideal for adult discussion groups or humanities courses.

  • The Civic Arena

    The Civic Arena

    These titles are for readers who want to explore the ideas and issues that inform our lives as civically engaged citizens.

  • Literature Anthologies

    Literature Anthologies

    These books are designed for readers who love fiction and poetry and value discussing the compelling ideas that great literature explores.

  • Vital Ideas

    Vital Ideas

    The new Vital Ideas series is designed to meet your need for stimulating contemporary, topical readings for both college courses and adult discussion groups.

  • Science Series

    Science Series

    These titles feature thought-provoking selections by the scientists who made the discoveries that have shaped our world, carefully edited for non-specialists who want to investigate the great ideas of biology, environmental science, and physics.

  • Introduction to Great Books

    Introduction to Great Books

    The Introduction to Great Books series includes short selections from classic and contemporary literature, ideal for beginning book groups and for introducing great literature to younger readers.

  • Great Books Reading and Discussion Series

    Great Books Reading and Discussion Series

    The Great Books Reading and Discussion series includes many of the classics of the Western tradition chosen for their ability to stimulate lively discussion.

  • Penguin Discussion Guides

    Penguin Discussion Guides

    Great Books discussion guides for selected classic and contemporary Penguin titles include a brief analysis of the work, questions for discussion, biographical information on the author, and recommended related titles.

  • 50th Anniversary Series

    50th Anniversary Series

    The 50th Anniversary series includes classic and modern works from around the world and focuses on themes of enduring human significance.