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Introduction to Great Books Third Series

Introduction to Great Books Third Series

ADU-I3 | ISBN 978-0-945159-99-5 | Softcover |
256 pages


Perfect for those new to the world of Great Books, the third volume in our Introduction to Great Books series contains mid-length readings and broad discussion questions that will help guide first-time Shared Inquiry™ participants. Also available is the Leader's Guide for this volume, sold separately (ALG-I3).

On Happiness
Habits and Will
John Dewey
Mary Lavin
On Liberty
John Stuart Mill
Immanuel Kant
A Hunger Artist
Franz Kafka
Of the Limits of Government
John Locke
Why Great Revolutions Will Become Rare
Alexis de Tocqueville
A Room of One's Own
Virginia Woolf
In Dreams Begin Responsibilities
Delmore Schwartz

Fiction selections are presented in their entirety. Most nonfiction selections are taken from longer works.