Even Deadlier

Even Deadlier

ADU-SDE | ISBN 978-1-933147-45-1 | Softcover |
320 pages


Delve deeper into questions surrounding the seven deadly sins with our much-awaited sequel to The Seven Deadly Sins Sampler. This anthology includes 14 more short story masterpieces selected for discussion and reflection, and is ideal for book groups and for courses in literature, creative writing, ethics, and religion. With a foreword by Al Gini, author of The Importance of Being Lazy and Why It’s Hard to be Good.

La Grande Bretèche, Honoré de Balzac
The Old Gentleman, Frances Hwang

Krakatau, Jim Shepard
Weekend, Fay Weldon

Torch Song, John Cheever
My First Two Women, Nadine Gordimer

Babylon Revisited, F. Scott Fitzgerald
The Custard Heart, Dorothy Parker

A Woman of Fifty, W. Somerset Maugham
My Wife is a White Russian, Rose Tremain

Theft in a Pastry Shop, Italo Calvino
Fat People, Alison Lurie

Nuns at Luncheon, Aldous Huxley
Cowboys Are My Weakness, Pam Houston

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