The Soul of the Text

The Soul of the Text

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The Soul of the Text captures the richness and diversity of the Jewish literary tradition. With 23 selections ranging from the Bible to twentieth-century fiction and poetry, this anthology is a versatile addition to a high school world religions or Jewish studies curriculum. Selections are accompanied by author biographies and questions for use in shared inquiry discussion. Each of the book's four sections includes a brief introductory essay by a noted scholar in the field.

One: The Bible and Medieval Commentaries

The Creation to the Tower of Babel Genesis 1–3, 4:1–16, 6:5–22, 7–9, 11:1–9
Commentary on Genesis Moses Nahmanides
Commentary on Genesis Moses Maimonides
The Story of Abraham Genesis 12:1–9, 13, 15–19, 22:1–19
Commentary on Genesis Rashi
The Story of David and Bathsheba II Samuel 11–12

Two: Rabbinical Literature

A Threefold Cord
Torah Study
Who Is Wise?
Issues of Life and Death
The Story of Rabbi Eleazar and the Ugly Man
Beyond the Letter of the Law
A Heavenly Voice

Three: Yiddish Literature

Bontshe Shvayg I. L. Peretz
Chava Sholem Aleichem
Gimpel the Fool Isaac Bashevis Singer

Four: The Holocaust and Eretz Israel

The Meaning of This Hour Abraham Joshua Heschel
Miriam Ivan KlÌma
Written in Pencil in the Sealed Railway-Car Dan Pagis
Fable of the Goat S. Y. Agnon
The Land of Israel Abraham Isaac Kook
Hannah Senesh: Her Life and Diary* Hannah Senesh
Blessed Is the Match Hannah Senesh
The Diameter of the Bomb Yehuda Amichai

*Indicates a selection taken from a longer work.