The Nature of Life: Readings in Biology

The Nature of Life: Readings in Biology

ADU-NL | ISBN 978-1-880323-86-1 | Softcover |
308 pages


How did life begin? How is it changing? How do we understand our place in the world in relation to other living beings? The Nature of Life encourages inquiry-based discussion of scientific writings that attempt to answer universal questions about the nature of life. The anthology includes 19 selections written by major scientists, as well as questions designed to spark lively Shared Inquiry™ discussion. This anthology is ideal for students and adult readers interested in developing a deeper understanding of the life sciences.

Parts of Animals
The Way Things Are
Novum Organum*
Francis Bacon
Conclusion to On the Origin of Species
Charles Darwin
Struggle for Existence
Charles Darwin
The Descent of Man*
Charles Darwin
Natural Selection
Charles Darwin
Experiments in Plant Hybridization*
Gregor Mendel
An Introduction to the Study of Experimental Medicine*
Claude Bernard
The Snout
Loren Eiseley
Silent Spring*
Rachel Carson
Ecce Homo!
Konrad Lorenz
Konrad Lorenz
The Double Helix*
James D. Watson
The Selfish Gene*
Richard Dawkins
Why Big Fierce Animals Are Rare
Paul Colinvaux
Just in the Middle
Stephen Jay Gould
The Diversity of Life*
Edward O. Wilson
Life from Scum
Lynn Margulis

*Indicates a selection taken from a longer work.