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What's the Matter? Readings in Physics

What's the Matter? Readings in Physics

ADU-WTM | ISBN 978-1-880323-91-5 | Softcover |
560 pages


What's the Matter? draws readers into the ongoing inquiry about the natural world, providing an overview of how physics has developed through the centuries, in the words of the scientists who made the great discoveries. It includes 31 selections, introductory essays and a thematic guide, stimulating discussion questions for each selection, and annotated bibliographies and suggestions for further reading.

The Uncertainty of Science
Richard Feynman
The Science of Nature
Moving Things
Falling Bodies and Projectiles
Laws of Motion
Time, Space, and Motion
Rules of Doing Philosophy
Isaac Newton
On Light
Isaac Newton/Thomas Young
Heat and Friction
Count Rumford (Benjamin Thompson)
The Mechanical Equivalent of Heat
James Prescott Joule
Entropy: The Running-Down of the Universe
Arthur Eddington
Induction of Electric Currents
On the Physical Lines of Magnetic Force
Michael Faraday
The Science of Electromagnetism
Electricity and Electromotive Force
A Dynamical Theory of the Electromagnetic Field
James Clerk Maxwell
Extending the Theories of Physics
Max Planck
The Special Theory of Relativity
The General Theory of Relativity
Albert Einstein
E = mc2
Albert Einstein
Quantum Uncertainty
George Gamow
Quantum Behavior
Richard Feynman
The Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Theory
Werner Heisenberg
Quantum Perplexity and Debate
John Polkinghorne
The Origin of the Universe
Steven Weinberg
Beautiful Theories: Symmetry and Mathematics
Steven Weinberg
Why Physics Is the Easiest Science: Effective Theories
Gordon Kane
Metaphor in Science
Alan Lightman
Black Holes and Predictable Worlds
Stephen Hawking
The Scientist's Responsibilities
Albert Einstein