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Dark Days: America's Great Depression, Student Anthology

Dark Days: America's Great Depression, Student Book

JSE-DDSC | ISBN 978-078915224-4 | Softcover | $14.95
JSE-DDHC | ISBN 978-078079661-4 | Hardcover | $21.95

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What was the Great Depression? This book from the Literature & Thought series contains literature that challenges the reader, promotes critical thinking, and encourages independent exploration of themes and issues related to the Great Depression.


Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? Yip Harburg

Creating Context

America on Easy Street • Concept Vocabulary

Cluster One: How Were People Affected?

Thinking Skill: Evaluating

The Song (oral history)
Yip Harburg/Studs Terkel
General Douglas MacArthur Fires on Americans (article)
Lee McCardell
A One-Woman Crime Wave (short story)
Richard Peck
King of the Hoboes, Arvel Pearson (oral history)
Errol Lincoln Uys
Just Hanging On (article)
From Opportunity Magazine

Cluster Two: What Was the New Deal?

Thinking Skill: Summarizing

Americans Get a “New Deal” (article)
Bruce Glassman
Built to Last (article)
Donald Dale Jackson
Brother, Can You Spare a Dream? (short story)
Jackie French Koller
I Want You to Write to Me (article)
Eleanor Roosevelt
Letters to the Roosevelts (letters)
Voices of Discontent (article)
Gail B. Stewart

Cluster Three: How Tough Were the Times?

Thinking Skill: Analyzing

Digging In (memoir)
Robert J. Hastings
The Lesson (short story)
Harry Mark Petrakis
Black Sunday (oral history)
From The Dirty Thirties, Thelma Bemount Campbell
Debts (poem)
Karen Hesse
Migrant Mother (essay)
Dorothea Lange

Cluster Four: Thinking on Your Own

Thinking Skill: Synthesizing

Depression Days (poem)
Pat Mora
The Good Provider (short story)
Marion Gross
Upon the Waters (short story)
Joanne Greenburg
A Touch of Rue (oral history)
Virginia Durr/Studs Terkel

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