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Free at Last: The Struggle for Civil Rights, Student Anthology

Free at Last: The Struggle for Civil Rights, Student Book

JSE-FLSC | ISBN 978-078915212-1 | Softcover | $14.95
JSE-FLHC | ISBN 978-078079633-1 | Hardcover | $21.95

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How do we achieve the ideal of equal rights for all? This book from the Literature & Thought series contains literature that challenges the reader, promotes critical thinking, and encourages independent exploration of themes and issues related to this topic.


Alabama Centennial Naomi Madgett

Creating Context

“Until Justice Rolls Down Like Waters” • The Faces of Civil Rights • Chronology of the Civil Rights Movement • Concept Vocabulary

Cluster One: What Are the Roots of the Civil Rights Movement?

Thinking Skill: Analyzing

Ku Klux (poem)
Langston Hughes
We Wear the Mask (poem)
Paul Laurence Dunbar
Booker T. and W. E. B. (poem)
Dudley Randall
Incident (poem)
Countee Cullen
On Being Crazy (vignette)
W. E. B. Du Bois
Surviving Jim Crow (autobiography)
From Uncle Tom’s Children, Richard Wright
The Revolt of the Evil Fairies (short story)
Ted Poston

Cluster Two: 1954–1961: What Were the Critical Moments That Sparked the Civil Rights Movement?

Thinking Skill: Evaluating Cause and Effect

Brown v. Board of Education (U.S. Supreme Court decision)
Earl Warren
Emmett Till, 1955 (interviews)
Henry Hampton
Rosa Parks (article)
Rita Dove
Integration (autobiography)
Melba Pattillo Beals
Bigger Than a Hamburger (essay)
Harvard Sitkoff
1961: The Freedom Rides (essay)
Pete Seeger and Bob Reiser
Girl Held Without Bail (poem)
Margaret Walker

Cluster Three: 1962–1968: What Resistance Did the Civil Rights Movement Meet?

Thinking Skill: Comparing and Contrasting

Inaugural Address (speech)
Governor George C. Wallace
Birmingham (speech)
President John F. Kennedy
I Have a Dream (speech)
Martin Luther King Jr.
Birmingham 1963 (poem)
Raymond R. Patterson
Liars Don’t Qualify (short story)
Junius Edwards
Tomorrow Is for Our Martyrs (autobiography)
James Farmer
Address to a Meeting in New York, 1964 (speech)
Malcolm X
Revolutionary Dreams (poem)
Nikki Giovanni

Cluster Four: Thinking on Your Own

Thinking Skill: Synthesizing

An American Problem (essay)
Wim Coleman
The Power of One (memorium)
Staff of People magazine
I Was Born at the Wrong Time (poem)
Angela Shelf Medearis
The Church of the Almighty White Man (article)
Angie Cannon and Warren Cohen
Little Rock Warriors Thirty Years Later (autobiography)
Melba Pattillo Beals

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