unior Great Books Series 2, Book Two, Student Book (Digital)

Junior Great Books Series 2, Book Two, Student Book (Digital)

PRS-SE22 | 978-1-939014-16-0
NOTE: This digital book cannot be printed.
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Great Books Plus is a new digital solution that supports student learning and engagement with Junior Great Books while offering classroom management tools and analytics. Great Books Plus works with your technology—access it from any web browser, it works on all mobile platforms and devices. and it integrates with your school’s LTI-compliant LMS.

With Great Books Plus student books, students can

  • Access glossary of unfamiliar words
  • Submit work for review or feedback
  • Share questions and annotations with individuals or groups
  • Respond to classmates’ questions and teacher feedback
  • Highlight text with contrasting colors
  • Write or draw in a variety of colors
  • Type comments or questions
  • Listen to professional audio recordings

Junior Great Books® Series 2 student books are organized by theme, featuring nine stories by award-winning authors.


Erandi’s Braids
Antonio Hernández Madrigal
The Invisible Hunters
Nicaraguan folktale as told by Harriet Rohmer
Fishing Day
Andrea Davis Pinkney


Perfect Crane
Anne Laurin
Hurricane Flowers
Ethel Pochocki
My Great-Grandmother’s Gourd
Cristina Kessler


The Wise Little Toad
Rosario Ferré
Doodle Flute
Daniel Pinkwater
The Velveteen Rabbit
Margery Williams