Junior Great Books Series 4, Book Two, Student Book

Junior Great Books Series 4, Book Two, Student Book

PRS-SE42 | 978-1-939014-76-4

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Junior Great Books® Series 4 introduces students to outstanding, interpretive literature from around the world. Book Two of Series 4 features nine stories by award-winning authors. These stories are organized around three themes—strength, integrity, and perspective.


Tuesday of the Other June
Norma Fox Mazer
Doesn’t Fall Off His Horse
Virginia A. Stroud
The Cello of Mr. O
Jane Cutler


The No-Guitar Blues
Gary Soto
The Fire on the Mountain
Ethiopian folktale as told by Harold Courlander and Wolf Leslau
Ooka and the Honest Thief
Japanese folktale as told by I. G. Edmonds


The Old Woman and the Wave
Shelley Jackson
Letting Swift River Go
Jane Yolen
The Apple and the Envelope
Herbert Montgomery

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