Junior Great Books Series 4, Book One, Teacher's Edition (Digital)

Junior Great Books Series 4, Book One, Teacher's Edition (Digital)

PRS-TE41-DE | 978-1-939014-06-1
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NOTE: The Teacher Resources section and Appendix in this digital Teacher’s Edition can be saved as PDFs or printed from the online app only. The print icon appears in the upper right-hand portion of the Teacher’s Edition pages. If teachers wish to print unit pages from the Teacher’s Edition, we encourage you to ask your Great Books representative about buying a single print copy of the Teacher’s Edition.

This Teacher’s Edition features a copyright-protected eBook with:

  • A unit overview for each story with important planning details and a big-picture snapshot of the unit
  • A unit guide that walks you through each day’s lesson
  • Annotated reading selections with notes, icons, and highlights corresponding to activity instruction
  • A Teacher Resources section containing a range of additional support materials
  • Easy-to-use assessment tools
  • MP3s—professionally recorded audio versions of each selection—to give students additional opportunities to listen to the story as it is read aloud with fluency and help less-proficient readers increase comprehension
  • Reproducible PDFs of all teacher resources and assessment materials

NOTE: Student Book product description includes complete list of reading selections.