Praised for their rich language and international range, and chosen carefully for their ability to support multiple interpretations, the stories in Junior Great Books® capture students’ attention and imagination to engage the best of their thinking. Each student book is organized around three themes—honesty, self-respect, and fitting in (Book One) and family, humility, and compassion (Book Two)—and features nine stories by award-winning authors.

The Teacher’s Edition contains the full text of the stories in the Student Book, powerful questions designed to prompt lively Shared Inquiry discussions, and a wide range of additional activities to help teach reading comprehension, critical thinking, and writing in a collaborative and systematic way. The Teacher’s Edition also includes professionally recorded versions of each selection in the Student Book.

Reader’s Journals enhance students’ learning by allowing them to record their thinking at each stage of work on a story, reinforcing the reading-writing connection.

Correlation Booklets detail how the activities in each story unit align with either the Common Core State Standards or the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) English Language Arts and Reading Standards.