Great Books Roundtable Level 1, Student Anthology

Great Books Roundtable Level 1, Student Book

GBR-SE1 | ISBN 978-1-933147-53-6

The Great Books Roundtable Level 1 student book contains 20 outstanding works of literature—including fiction, nonfiction, and poetry by award-winning authors—that sustain interpretive reading and discussion. The book also includes beautifully rendered original artwork.


William Saroyan
The Old Man of the Sea
Maeve Brennan
Through the Tunnel
Doris Lessing
Raymond’s Run
Toni Cade Bambara
The Witch Who Came for the Weekend
(from Juliet's Story)
William Trevor
As the Night the Day
Abioseh Nicol
The Parsley Garden
William Saroyan
The Veldt
Ray Bradbury
A Likely Place
Paula Fox
The Mountain
Charles Mungoshi
Afternoon in Linen
Shirley Jackson
The Mysteries of the Cabala
Isaac Bashevis Singer


Rattlesnakes (from Our National Parks)
John Muir
Throwing Snowballs (from An American Childhood)
Annie Dillard


Introduction to Poetry
Billy Collins
[I’m Nobody! Who Are You?]
Emily Dickinson
This Is Just to Say
William Carlos Williams
Sylvia Plath
Edip Cansever
The Road Not Taken
Robert Frost

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