Great Books Read-Aloud Pegasus Series, Student Anthology

Junior Great Books Read-Aloud Pegasus Series, Student Book

JRA-PEG | ISBN 978-0-945159-41-4 | Grade 1

The diverse selection of folktales, stories, and poetry in the Junior Great Books® Read-Aloud program captivates young students and helps them develop the skills they need to become good readers. This book includes all three volumes of the Pegasus Series.


Chestnut Pudding
Iroquois folktale as told by John Bierhorst
The Pied Piper
English folktale as told by Joseph Jacobs
"Fanciful Animals"
Poetry by Edward Lear and A. A. Milne


The Mermaid Who Lost Her Comb
Scottish folktale as told by Winifred Finlay
Hansel and Gretel
Brothers Grimm, translated by Randall Jarrell
"Special Places"
Poetry by Gwendolyn Brooks and Robert Frost, and a Navajo poem


Mother of the Waters
Haitian folktale as told by Diane Wolkstein
Zlateh the Goat
Isaac Bashevis Singer
"Secret Messages"
Poetry by Robert Louis Stevenson, Barbara Juster Esbensen, and Emily Dickinson