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Reading the World: Contemporary Literature from Around the Globe Student Anthology, hardcover

Reading the World: Contemporary Literature from Around the Globe, Student Book

JSE-RTW | ISBN 978-0-7569-9303-2 | Hardcover |
674 pages

This new edition of Reading the World brings together the voices of modern, critically-acclaimed writers from all over the world, including many Nobel laureates. Five world regions—The Americas, Europe, Africa, The Middle East and South Asia, and East Asia and the Pacific Rim—are represented by literature selected with the help of experts from each area.

The anthology includes 82 selections by classic and contemporary authors including Pablo Neruda, Chinua Achebe, Isabel Allende, W. H. Auden, Frederico García Lorca, Wislawa Symborska, and Doris Lessing. Download the complete table of contents.

Special Focus


A strong emphasis on research is integrated throughout the book, encouraging students to extend their literary and cultural knowledge by researching issues generated by the texts.
  • A section in each unit provides an extensive menu of research topics grouped into cross-disciplinary sections, such as history/politics, society/cultures, the arts, and religion/belief systems
  • A research handbook at the back of the text has invaluable guidelines for helping students find and share information.