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Getting Started with Great Books Plus

Have a question about how to use Great Books Plus?  Click here for a library of videos that can help!

Activating your Great Books Plus Title

1. Go to

2. If you ordered online in the Great Books Store or by phone, you were sent an access code. The first time you use Great Books Plus, enter the access code and follow the instructions on setting up your account.

3. The book associated with the access code will be loaded onto your bookshelf.

4. If you have an additional access code(s) or you have previously registered with Great Books Plus, log into Great Books Plus, and go to your Profile icon in the upper right-hand corner in the online reader. Click on "Access Code," enter the next access code, and click on "Submit."

Note: If you purchased multiple copies of the same title, all users use the same access code, up to the quantity you purchased. Each user can use the book on up to 6 devices. 


Great Books Plus Reader

You are now ready to read and annotate your new book. You can read it in:



For a full list of features and a how-to guide, please visit the Great Books Plus Features page.

In whichever app you are using, you will find your new book on your bookshelf.

  • Highlight the book, and click on "Open."
  • Inside the book you can highlight, bookmark, and take notes.
  • Check out the icons in the upper left column. If you mouseover each of them with your cursor, a descriptor will pop up telling you what the icon is for, e.g., Back to Bookshelf, Table of Contents, My Data (your notes and highlights), Highlighter, Pen Tool, etc.
  • Note that you can use your Great Books Plus materials on up to six different devices. Use your user credentials to log into the app on each of your devices, and your books and annotations will display.


Purchasing Information

  • These materials can be purchased at or you can call our Customer Service team at 800.222.5870.


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