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Grade K–1 Band Student License (Digital)

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Student Books
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JGB Digital Classroom: | $15.95 | DCL-SK1-DE | NOTE: Digital books cannot be printed.
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Preorder Now – New and Improved Junior Great Books Digital Classroom. This item will be available for digital delivery in July 2024.
Grade K–1 Band Student License (Digital)

Grade K–1 Band Student License (Digital)

This special grade-band one-year subscription gives you access to all student materials for Junior Great Books® Series K and 1 through the new and improved Junior Great Books Digital Classroom. Each series immerses young learners in reading, questioning, and talking about outstanding fiction and poetry. 

Each Student Book in the series includes 12 outstanding, developmentally appropriate selections (nine stories, three poems), full-color illustrations, guidelines for discussion, and activities that encourage students to record their thinking through drawing, dictation, and writing. Materials for both Series K and Series 1 are presented to students in three easy-to-manage volumes (three volumes per series).

Grade-Band Benefits

  • Users get access to content at varied reading levels to meet their specific needs. Because reading levels can vary widely at a grade level, many students may work more comfortably a grade down, or need more “stretch” texts than a single grade provides.
  • Users get access to a wider range of texts and topics to better fit the module topic or theme of their primary curriculum. Current curriculums heavily emphasize staying within a topic/theme, but topics in each grade vary by program. This allows maximum flexibility for teachers.
  • Teachers can provide additional content to students who have shown independence and would like additional practice with reading and discussion, or for afterschool activities, camps, and other programs.

Students using the NEW Junior Great Books Digital Classroom can:

  • Listen to professionally recorded audio versions of the readings with tracked audio to help them follow along as they listen
  • Highlight and annotate texts in several different ways and colors
  • Type comments and questions as they read
  • See glossary definitions, which appear alongside the text, of potentially unfamiliar words 
  • Make notes and highlights that carry over from one activity to the next throughout each unit
  • Track their thinking through each unit using free-response activities

Series K


Leo Lionni

Big Wolf and Little Wolf
Nadine Brun-Cosme
Jamaica’s Blue Marker
Juanita Havill
The Stray Cat (poem)
Eve Merriam


The Three Wishes
Margot Zemach
Me First
Max Kornell
The Fire Cat
Esther Averill
Every Time I Climb a Tree (poem)
David McCord


Screen of Frogs
Sheila Hamanaka
Down the Road
Alice Schertle

The Tin Forest
Helen Ward
Where Would You Be? (poem)
Karla Kuskin

Series 1


City Mouse and Country Mouse

Under the Lemon Moon
Edith Hope Fine
Those Shoes
Maribeth Boelts
The Land of Nod (poem)
Robert Louis Stevenson


Stone Soup
Marcia Brown
The Big Orange Splot
Daniel Pinkwater
The Mud Family
Betsy James

Blue (poem)
Claudia Lewis


Skunny-Wundy’s Skipping Stone
Joseph Bruchac
Best Friends for Frances
Russell Hoban

Yoshi’s Feast
Kimiko Kajikawa

Dinky (poem)
Theodore Roethke