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Grades K–1
Interpretive Thinking for Grades K–1


The price is per registrant. To fully participate and get the most out of this webinar, it is important for each individual to register and have access to his or her own microphone or telephone headset as well as a personal computer or tablet.

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Interpretive Thinking for Grades K–1 Online Training

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Online | T-201WEB | Interpetive Thinking for Grades K–1

This course is a two-hour webinar. It delivers the same excellent instruction that participants receive in the face-to-face course, albeit in a different format.

This course will help you introduce the basic principles of Shared Inquiry™—listening, wondering, and sharing—to students in the primary grades. Learn to provide the challenge and critical thinking elements every balanced literacy program needs, and achieve realistic goals such as helping young students listen to a story, ask relevant questions, make sensible comments about it, and learn to provide reasons for their ideas. You will explore ways to use simple forms of discussion, drama, drawing, and writing to help students connect with a story and to begin their interpretive thinking about it. 

After this course, you will be able to:

  • Help students in grades K–1 begin to respond interpretively to a story
  • Engage students in listening, asking questions, and sharing ideas with their classmates
  • Use the Junior Great Books® Series K–1 program to engage all students in higher literacy and inquiry
  • Plan a Shared Inquiry unit with strategies and activities tailored to your students' needs

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Interpretive Thinking for Grades K–1 Online Training

Interpretive Thinking for Grades K–1 Online Training