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Junior Great Books Nonfiction Inquiry 2 Student Log

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Print: JNF-SL2 | 978-0-945159-83-4 | Pack of 10 | $105.95
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Student Books
Junior Great Books Nonfiction Inquiry 2 Student Log

Junior Great Books Nonfiction Inquiry 2 Student Log

The Junior Great Books® Nonfiction Inquiry 2 Student Log includes:

  • A full nonfiction text for each unit
  • Short quizzes to assess comprehension
  • Unit-specific activity pages corresponding to those outlined in the Teacher's Guide
  • Correlations to stories from Junior Great Books Series 2


Life Science: Bees and Pollination
Why We Need Bees
Physical Science: Properties of Stones
From Stone to Sculpture
Economics: Economic Decision-Making
Impulse Buying: How Stores Make Us Want More
Life Science: Animals and Habitats
Splash! Rustle! How Habitats Help Frogs Survive
Social Studies: Individual Development and Community
Connecting Young and Old
Physical Science: Extreme Weather
Storm Trackers Save Lives
Social Studies: Folktales and Culture
Harriet Rohmer: Sharing the World's Stories
Social Studies: Social Responsibility
Making Life Sweeter for Others
Physical Science: Weather and Climate
Figuring Out Drought