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Junior Great Books Series 1 Teacher's Edition

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Print: PRS-TE1 | ISBN 978-1-933147-34-5 | $107.95
JGB Digital Classroom Grade 1 Teacher License: DCL-T1-DE | Access to all grade 1 teacher materials | Individual annual subscription | $26.95
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Junior Great Books Series 1 Teacher's Edition

Junior Great Books Series 1 Teacher's Edition

The Junior Great Books® Series 1 Teacher’s Edition features:

  • Annotated Student Book pages with complete selections
  • Step-by-step instructions for each unit with helpful tips and differentiation options
  • Vocabulary activities
  • Family engagement activities
  • Links to downloadable resources, including MP3 files of the selections, assessment tools, family engagement letters, related reading recommendations, and other support materials


City Mouse and Country Mouse

Under the Lemon Moon
Edith Hope Fine
Those Shoes
Maribeth Boelts
The Land of Nod (poem)
Robert Louis Stevenson


Stone Soup
Marcia Brown
The Big Orange Splot
Daniel Pinkwater
The Mud Family
Betsy James

Blue (poem)
Claudia Lewis


Skunny-Wundy’s Skipping Stone
Joseph Bruchac
Best Friends for Frances
Russell Hoban

Yoshi’s Feast
Kimiko Kajikawa

Dinky (poem)
Theodore Roethke