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Keeping Things Whole: Readings in Environmental Science

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ADU-KTW | ISBN 978-1-880323-90-8 | Softcover | 312 pages
Keeping Things Whole: Readings in Environmental Science

Keeping Things Whole: Readings in Environmental Science

With 21 selections from key thinkers in ecology, biology, economics, public policy, sociology, history, philosophy, and literature, Keeping Things Whole draws on writers who have influenced the way we think about our place in the natural world. The anthology is a collection of writings about the ideas and concepts that form the interdisciplinary field of environmental science.

Rules for the Direction of the Mind*
Renͩ Descartes
Henry David Thoreau
Death of a Pine
Henry David Thoreau
Man and Nature*
George Perkins Marsh
The Biosphere*
Vladimir I. Vernadsky
The Climax Concept
Frederic E. Clements
The Ecosystem
A. G. Tansley
The Land Ethic
Aldo Leopold
Aldo Leopold
The Economics of the Coming Spaceship Earth
Kenneth E. Boulding
The Tragedy of the Commons
Garrett Hardin
The Closing Circle*
Barry Commoner
The World's Biggest Membrane
Lewis Thomas
Annie Dillard
The Recognition of Gaia*
James E. Lovelock
The End of Nature*
Bill McKibben
The Words Nature, Wild, and Wilderness
Gary Snyder
Water Songs
Terry Tempest Williams
The Politics of Wilderness and the Practice of the Wild
R. Edward Grumbine
Jan Zita Grover
Dimensions of Deformity
Gordon L. Miller

*Indicates a selection taken from a longer work.