Inquiry in Action Leadership Webinar

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  • Online
  • Organizational Growth
  • Elementary, Middle And High School

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Inquiry in Action Leadership Webinar

Our Inquiry in Action Leadership webinar is geared towards educational leaders, school or district based administrators who will engage in two days of hands-on, interactive and collaborative exercises at our Great Books Training Center. Our Shared Inquiry™ methodology empowers participants and leads to effective and responsive leadership that is inclusive of all stakeholder voices. Join us for this new Leadership Seminar we have developed with Inquiry In Action, a leadership program of the Great Books Foundation, which will help you:

  • Explore issues with all colleagues
  • Make productive organizational or personnel changes
  • Create or revise your mission
  • Build internal capacity and advocacy
  • Create empathy and perspective across departments

To schedule a webinar for your group please contact us at 800-222-5870 or InquiryAction@greatbooks.org.