Inquiry in Action Organizational Growth Webinar

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  • Online
  • Organizational Growth
  • Elementary, Middle And High School

Cancellation Policy

We reserve the right to cancel courses that do not meet our minimum registration. Please do not make travel arrangements until you receive a confirmation notice or contact us to verify that your course is confirmed. Your full registration is forfeited if you cancel within 20 days of the start of the course.

Inquiry in Action Organizational Growth Webinar

Elevating organizational success through collaboration and inclusivity

We focus on the challenges and opportunities facing your organization to create customized learning opportunities. Participants strengthen their abilities to articulate issues for exploration, listen to and ask follow-up questions, identify different potential solutions, and formulate action plans.

This webinar is designed for educational leaders, including school and district administrators, and offer an intensive exploration of inquiry-centered leadership. Our Shared Inquiry™ methodology empowers participants to lead responsively and consider all stakeholder voices in leadership decisions. The hands-on webinar features a variety of content, interactive exercises, and strategic takeaways for immediate use.

During the webinar, participants can build their abilities to:

  • Design effective collaborative sessions
  • Frame the question or issue to be considered by a group
  • Ask questions that spark divergent thinking
  • Help colleagues listen and respond constructively to one another
  • Apply inquiry leadership principles to their specific situations

This is a private webinar. To schedule a webinar for your group please contact us at 800-222-5870 or InquiryAction@greatbooks.org.