T-STUWEB | Course number 202010022
JGB Virtual Academy: Bravery

Course Details

  • Online
  • Meets Every Wednesday From 4:00 P.m. To 5:00 P.m. (central Time) From October 7 Through December 2, 2020, Except November 25.
  • Grades 2–3 Students


The price is per registrant. To fully participate and get the most out of this webinar, it is important for each individual to register and have access to his or her own microphone or telephone headset as well as a personal computer or tablet.

Cancellation Policy

We reserve the right to cancel courses that do not meet our minimum registration. Please do not make travel arrangements until you receive a confirmation notice or contact us to verify that your course is confirmed. Your full registration is forfeited if you cancel within 20 days of the start of the course.

T-STUWEB | Course number 202010022
JGB Virtual Academy: Bravery

The Junior Great Books Virtual Academy offers an enjoyable way for students to strengthen skills in critical thinking, reading comprehension, speaking and listening, and writing. By combining interactive reading activities with student-centered discussions, this program helps students develop ideas, use and explain evidence, and respond constructively to their peers. In this session, students will be reading and discussing stories and works of visual art from a variety of cultures that center on the theme of bravery. Expert Great Books discussion leaders will guide students to think deeply about big ideas while having fun.

Shared Inquiry activities in which students engage include:

  • Activating and building background knowledge to support deeper exploration
  • Close reading and analysis of texts
  • Sharing and comparing responses 
  • Making and explaining inferences about texts
  • Citing evidence and explaining how it supports an answer
  • Responding to other students’ ideas 
  • Considering how discussion changed or expanded their initial ideas about the text

Each session is 60 minutes in length. All materials are included in the program price. We will be issuing student licenses for our online platform, Great Books Plus, to deliver the text materials. The student license and other materials will be emailed when registration is confirmed.  The program may require students to complete some work before each session; if advance work is needed, instructors will give full instructions through email. We recommend that each student log in on their own device with enabled video, a headset or earbuds, and a microphone for the best audio connection. There are a limited number of spaces available!



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