T-EDUWEB | Course number 202105013
Free Shared Inquiry Discussion

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  • Online
  • May 26, 2021, 4:00 P.m. To 5:00 P.m. (central Time)
    May 26, 2021, 4:00 P.m. To 5:00 P.m. (central Time)
  • Adult
  • Adult


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T-EDUWEB | Course number 202105013
Free Shared Inquiry Discussion

Join us for this free Shared Inquiry™ discussion exclusively for educators! This discussion will enable you to further probe experiences of and ideas about diversity, equity, and inclusion while you engage in the method of learning used in Junior Great Books programs. We are confident that you will leave the discussion with a great appreciation for how Shared Inquiry opens new doors of engagement, comprehension, and collaboration for your students and for you!

This discussion will be facilitated by a seasoned Great Books staff trainer, who will pose a thoughtful interpretive question to launch the session, then guide the group with expert follow-up questions. Like Junior Great Books students, you will:

  • Think carefully about the focus question
  • Write an answer and link it to evidence from the text
  • Share your opinions in a free-flowing discussion
  • Listen to the opinions of others and hear new perspectives
  • Have fun engaging in this wonderful process!



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