• Grades K–1

    Grades K–1

    Critical thinking begins with the Junior Great Books® Read-Aloud program. With creative activities, engrossing world literature, at-home components to reinforce new skills, and collaborative Sharing Questions discussion, the Read-Aloud program is the ideal way to get young readers started with Great Books.

  • Grades 2–5

    Grades 2–5

    Students master critical thinking skills with Junior Great Books®. This program features outstanding world literature; in-depth reading, writing, and creative activities; teaching and learning in stages; Shared Inquiry discussion; and easy-to-use assessment tools.

  • Grades 6–8

    Grades 6–8

    Great Books Roundtable features nonfiction, fiction, and poetry by award-winning authors; differentiated instruction; and a Leader’s Materials box with a wealth of teacher resources. Other Great Books middle school products include texts for social studies and themed collections.

  • Grades 9–12

    Grades 9–12

    Great Books anthologies for high school include texts for literature, science, and social studies. From contemporary and classic literature to historical documents and writings by major scientists, Great Books texts combine the best of the written word with Shared Inquiry discussion.

  • Book Groups and Colleges

    Book Groups and Colleges

    Add food for thought to your book discussions with Great Books collections of classic and contemporary literature from the world's most interesting and enduring writers.

  • Professional Learning

    Professional Learning

    Create an enriching instructional environment at your school with Great Books professional learning. The Great Books Foundation offers courses for teachers, administrators, parents and volunteers, and book group participants. Learn questioning strategies that increase student performance, how to lead Shared Inquiry discussion, the benefits of interpretive reading, and much more.