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75th Anniversary Volume 1

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Print: 75th-Vol-1 | ISBN 978-1-951782-63-4 | Hardcover | 276 pages
75th Anniversary Volume 1

75th Anniversary Volume 1

This 75th anniversary anthology is a working set of provocative selections from notable works of literature and thought intended for careful reading, reflection, discussion, and the mutual, unplanned insights that arise from Shared Inquiry. It is a celebration of the Great Books ideals; having reasoned discussions in which all listen and contribute; and achieving the enrichment of lifelong learning.

Readings and Questions

King Lear
William Shakespeare
A Voyage to the Country of the Houyhnhnms
Jonathan Swift
Wealth of Nations
Adam Smith
To a Locomotive in Winter
Walt Whitman
The Federalist No. 10
James Madison
The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin