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Citizens of the World: Readings in Human Rights, Expanded Edition

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ADU-CITX | ISBN 978-1-933147-49-9 | Softcover | 430 pages
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Citizens of the World: Readings in Human Rights, Expanded Edition

Citizens of the World: Readings in Human Rights, Expanded Edition

This expanded edition of Citizens of the World is a comprehensive anthology for readers interested in how the concept of human rights has developed throughout history. Selections ranging from memoir and fiction to legal and historical documents help readers understand how abstract concepts such as the rule of law, freedom, and human dignity have evolved. The discussion questions accompanying each selection will stimulate vibrant and meaningful dialogue.

How to Keep a Slave
Cato the Elder
Hortensia’s Protest
Appian of Alexandria
Letter XLVII
Seneca the Younger
Magna Carta
English Bill of Rights*
Second Treatise of Government*
John Locke
The Social Contract*
Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Declaration of Independence
Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen
Constitution of the United States of America (Preamble and Bill of Rights)
State of the Union Address*
Andrew Jackson
Emancipation Proclamation
Abraham Lincoln
The United States of America v. Susan B. Anthony*
Slavery on the Henequen Plantations of Yucatan
Channing Arnold and Frederick J. Tabor Frost
Independence v. Swaraj
Mahatma Gandhi
Gandhi’s Followers Protest the Salt Tax
Webb Miller
The Stalin Epigram
Osip Mandelstam
The Arrest of Osip Mandelstam
Nadezhda Mandelstam
I Will Bear Witness*
Victor Klemperer
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Harlem [2]
Langston Hughes
Survival in Auschwitz*
Primo Levi
Defending Freedom and Freedom of Speech
Luis Aguilar
Letter from Birmingham Jail
Martin Luther King Jr.
The Rivonia Trial: Second Court Statement*
Nelson Mandela
Letter to Deng Xiaoping
Wei Jingsheng
The Censors
Luisa Valenzuela
We Say No
Eduardo Galeano
A Few Remarks
Václav Havel, Stanislav Devdry, Jiri Krizan, and Sasa Vondra
Nadine Gordimer
The War and the Law
Max Frankel
Safeguard Your Lives
Jan Wong
Red Scarf Girl*
Ji-li Jiang
My Forbidden Face*
The Perplexities of the Rights of Man
Hannah Arendt
The Cancer of Human Rights*
John A. Gentry
Promoting Human Rights
William F. Schulz
Let's Fight Terrorism, Not the Constitution
David Cole
Confusing Freedom with License
Douglas W. Kmiec
Moral Prohibition at a Price
Michael Ignatieff
Should We Fight Terror with Torture?
Alan Dershowitz

*Indicates a selection taken from a longer work.