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Customized Consultation Online

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Online | T-CONSWEB | Two-hour Online Consultation | Customized to fit your needs
Customized Online Consultation

Customized Consultation Online

Our online coaching and customized consulting give teachers the personalized, specific feedback they need to become proficient in Shared Inquiry™ teaching skills. Our expert instructors will work closely with teachers to develop an ongoing professional development plan that is designed to help them meet their goals. Each session is for up to two hours of online customized consultation that can be scheduled throughout the school year. Our coaching and consultation sessions cover topics such as: 

  • Raising engagement and quality of thinking
  • Curriculum development, mapping, and lesson planning
  • Assessment planning
  • Online coaching, modeling, and co-teaching
  • Meeting with teachers one-on-one or in groups to provide follow-up support
  • Conducting awareness sessions with new teachers
  • Adapting to remote or blended learning
  • Other customized topics

After you place this order, we will contact you about scheduling your consultation sessions and creating an agenda. Please note, we recommend that teachers complete the Shared Inquiry Essentials Course or Shared Inquiry Essentials Online Training before scheduling consultations.