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Grade 3 Teacher License (Digital)

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JGB Digital Classroom: | $59.95 | DCL-T3-DE | NOTE: Digital books cannot be printed.
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Preorder Now – New and Improved Junior Great Books Digital Classroom. This item will be available for digital delivery in July 2024.
Grade 3 Teacher License (Digital)

Grade 3 Teacher License (Digital)

This one-year subscription gives you access to all fiction and nonfiction teacher materials for Junior Great Books® Grade 3 through the new and improved Junior Great Books Digital Classroom.

The Junior Great Books Series 3, Book One and Two Teacher’s Editions feature:

  • A unit overview for each story with important planning details and a big-picture snapshot of the unit
  • A unit guide that walks you through each day’s lesson
  • Annotated reading selections with notes, icons, and highlights corresponding to activity instruction

The Junior Great Books Nonfiction Inquiry 3 Teacher's Guide includes:

  • Step-by-step instructions for each activity with point-of-need teacher support
  • Unit overviews with activities and options for differentiation and face-to-face learning
  • Student learning spectrums for each activity to help with formative assessment
  • Connections to concepts in Junior Great Books literature so that students can meaningfully compare texts across genres and curricular areas 

There are teacher’s companions for Junior Great Books Series 3 Fiction and Junior Great Books Nonfiction Inquiry 3. These include comprehensive teacher resources and explicit instructions to support Shared Inquiry for each of the selections featured throughout grade 3. In addition, there is a Teacher Resources and Handouts book with student activity handouts and additional assessments, reflections, and comprehension tests for Junior Great Books Nonfiction Inquiry 3.

In Junior Great Books Digital Classroom, teachers can: 

  • Receive notes submitted by students, enabling them to track questions students pose as they read. This private communication enables one-on-one support and helps ensure comprehension of the text.
  • Play professionally recorded audio of the selections (fiction series only)
  • See glossary definitions, which appear alongside the text, of potentially unfamiliar words 
  • View student analytics on student progress and time spent within the platform 
  • Work with both digital texts and print books seamlessly because both formats match page-by-page

Note: Teacher-resource pages and student handouts, including student activity pages, comprehension tests, reflection forms, and discussion planners, may be printed.

Fiction Book One


Boundless Grace
Mary Hoffman
The Scarebird
Sid Fleischman
Chin Yu Min and the Ginger Cat
Jennifer Armstrong


The Gold Coin
Alma Flor Ada
The Magic Listening Cap
Japanese folktale as told by Yoshiko Uchida
The Mushroom Man
Ethel Pochocki


The Banza
Haitian folktale as told by Diane Wolkstein
The Upside-Down Boy
Juan Felipe Herrera
The Ugly Duckling
Hans Christian Andersen

Fiction Book Two


White Wave
Chinese folktale as told by Diane Wolkstein
Luba and the Wren
Ukrainian folktale as told by Patricia Polacco
Basho and the River Stones
Tim Myers


The Monster Who Grew Small
Joan Grant
The Buffalo Storm
Katherine Applegate
Pierre’s Dream
Jennifer Armstrong


The Dream Weaver
Concha Castroviejo
The Man Whose Trade Was Tricks
Georgian folktale as told by George and Helen Papashvily
The Emperor’s New Clothes
Hans Christian Andersen

Nonfiction Inquiry 3


STEM: Engineering to Solve a Problem
Can Robots Be People Too?
Social Studies: Social Responsibility
Small Acts Make a Big Difference
Social Studies: Personal Growth and Identity
Becoming Francisco X. Alarcón
Life Science: Animal Growth and Development
Egg-cellent Bird Parents
Physical Science: Weather and Climate
Weather Watchers
Social Studies: The Oral Tradition
Don't Swallow That Spider!
American History: Westward Expansion
Children of the Oregon Trail
Social Studies: Justice and Fairness
Grunts, Flops, and Dives!
Economics: Economic Decision-Making
Burger with a Side of Shoe Polish