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Shared Inquiry Learning Center
Grades 2–8 using Junior Great Books® Nonfiction Inquiry materials


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Implementing Junior Great Books Nonfiction Inquiry On-Demand (#9084113510)

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Online | T-210ON | Access to On-Demand Training course

Designed for teachers, this advanced-level asynchronous course introduces participants to the Junior Great Books Nonfiction Inquiry materials using the Shared Inquiry™ method of reading and discussion with nonfiction texts.

We strongly recommend that you complete the Shared Inquiry Essentials course before taking this course. This course assumes an understanding of the basic concepts of the Shared Inquiry method.

After completing this self-paced course, you will be able to:

  • Utilize Nonfiction Inquiry reading strategies and engage in discussions effectively
  • Apply the Shared Inquiry sequence of activities to analyze nonfiction texts
  • Reflect on the elements and advantages of the Shared Inquiry sequence of activities as they pertain to nonfiction texts
  • Demonstrate proficiency in generating follow-up questions to enhance students' understanding of nonfiction texts
  • Organize nonfiction discussions around a single text or an anchor text

Participants are encouraged to contribute to the discussion forums and take part in the Shared Inquiry Community. Those who complete the asynchronous modules, required coursework, and course evaluation will receive the Nonfiction Specialist Badge. To learn more about the Great Books Foundation’s badges, view our credentials.

We recommend to complete this course within 45 days of starting.

Shared Inquiry Essentials On-Demand Course

Implementing Junior Great Books Nonfiction Inquiry On-Demand (#9084113510)