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Junior Great Books Series 7, Teacher's Edition, Print

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PRS-TB7 | Teacher's Edition ISBN 978-1-951782-05-4 | Student Book ISBN 978-1-951782-04-7 | $186.95
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Junior Great Books Series 7 Teacher Materials

Junior Great Books Series 7, Teacher's Edition, Print

The Junior Great Books® Series 7 Teacher Materials include a Teacher's Edition and a Student Book.

The Teacher's Edition includes:

  • Step-by-step instructions for each activity with point-of-need teacher support
  • Student learning spectrums and differentiation strategies for each activity to help with formative assessment
  • A unit overview for each selection with suggested note-taking options and discussion questions
  • A Teacher Resources section containing additional support materials
  • Access to Online Resources, which include:
    • Shared Inquiry discussion materials
    • Essay writing materials
    • Extension and assessment options


The Friday Everything Changed
Anne Hart
The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street
Rod Serling
I Go Along
Richard Peck
The Necklace
Guy de Maupassant
How to Transform an Everyday, Ordinary Hoop Court into a Place of Higher Learning and You at the Podium
Matt de la Peña
The Lie
Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
Twenty-Seven Days
Jenny Kaczorowski
Two Kinds
Amy Tan
The Red Room
H. G. Wells
How Auto-Tune Saved My Life
Brendan Halpin


The Secret Life of Bees
Carl Zimmer
I Am Malala (excerpt)
Malala Yousafzai
The Matthew Effect (excerpt)
Malcolm Gladwell
Texts from Strangers
Megan Stielstra
How Rats Became an Inescapable Part of City Living
Emma Marris
Julia Alvarez
Quiet Power (excerpt)
Susan Cain
Friends of the Hide (excerpt)
Timothy Egan


My Grandmother Washes Her Feet in the Sink of the Bathroom at Sears
Mohja Kahf
Boy at the Window
Richard Wilbur