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Junior Great Books Series 8, Student Book, Print

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PRS-SB8 | Student Book ISBN 978-1-951782-07-8 | Reader's Journal ISBN 978-1-951782-06-1 | $36.95
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Junior Great Books Series 8, Student Book, Print

Junior Great Books Series 8, Student Book, Print

The Junior Great Books® Series 8 Student Materials include a Student Book and a Reader's Journal.

Junior Great Books Series 8 contains 20 outstanding works of literature—including fiction, nonfiction, and poetry—that sustain interpretive reading and discussion. Among the selections are beloved classics by well-known authors, as well as contemporary writing by new voices that you won’t find in any other anthology. The Student Book also features a brief introduction to each genre and an introductory headnote for each selection. The Reader’s Journal includes:

  • Pages for each Shared Inquiry activity, allowing students to record and process their thinking at each stage of work on a text
  • Three complete sets of essay writing materials, which guide students through planning, organizing, drafting, and revising an essay
  • Three discussion reflection forms to help students determine their strengths and areas for growth through self-assessment


The Other Side of the Reservoir
MH Rowe
Eraser Tattoo
Jason Reynolds
The Doll's House
Katherine Mansfield
Klaus Vogel and the Bad Lads
David Almond
The Pose
Anwar Khan
A Hundred Hundred Daisies
Nancy Kress
Blues Ain't No Mockin' Bird
Toni Cade Bambara
Batrachophiles and Batrachophobes
Miguel de Unamuno
Debbie Urbanski
The Veteran
Stephen Crane


Dining with the Snakes (excerpt)
Jared Diamond
The Test (excerpt)
Ned Vizzini
Cause of Death: Selfie
Kathryn Miles
Why We Forget Most of the Books We Read
Julie Beck
Where Did You Get That Name? (excerpt)
Baratunde Thurston
Why Mathematics Is a Language
Anne Marie Helmenstine
Starvation Under the Orange Trees
John Steinbeck
Everything Will Be Okay
James Howe


Oh, oh, you will be sorry for that word!
Edna St. Vincent Millay
Catalog Army
Naomi Shihab Nye