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Series 4 Full Year Teacher Bundle

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GBTB-4-PDE | Print and JGB Digital Classroom: Bundle for 1 teacher | $761.00 | NOTE: Digital books cannot be printed.
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Print and Digital Bundle
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Shipping Included
Preorder Now – New and Improved Junior Great Books Digital Classroom. This item will be available for digital delivery in July 2024.
JGB Series 4 Full Year Teacher Bundle

Series 4 Full Year Teacher Bundle

New grade-level teacher bundles include everything teachers need to successfully implement Junior Great Books® and Junior Great Books Nonfiction Inquiry in their classrooms:

  • One Teacher's Edition for Book One and Book Two of Junior Great Books Series 4 fiction 
  • Teacher's Guide for Junior Great Books Nonfiction Inquiry 4
  • License to access all Series 4 materials through Junior Great Books Digital Classroom
  • Introductory professional development that prepares you to implement Junior Great Books. Choose from:
    • Shared Inquiry Essentials On-Demand (fully asynchronous)
    • Shared Inquiry Essentials Online Training (six hours live online with four hours of online asynchronous modules)

Junior Great Books Series 4 contains two books, each with nine outstanding fiction selections grouped into three themes. Junior Great Books Nonfiction Inquiry 4 features nine thought-provoking nonfiction texts that yield rich questions.

Note: The digital products in this bundle come with a one-year subscription. Purchasers will be emailed a coupon code to register for a Shared Inquiry Essentials online training course in our store, valid through June 30, 2024.

Fiction Book One


Thank You, M'am
Langston Hughes
Crow Call
Lois Lowry
Philippa Pearce


Shrewd Todie and Lyzer the Miser
Ukrainian folktale as told by Isaac Bashevis Singer
On Sand Island
Jacqueline Briggs Martin
The Green Man
Gail E. Hailey


Song of Hope
Peggy Duffy
Jean Labadie's Big Black Dog
French-Canadian folktale as told by Natalie Savage Carlson
Thunder, Elephant, and Dorobo
African folktale as told by Humphrey Harman

Fiction Book Two


Tuesday of the Other June
Norma Fox Mazer
Doesn’t Fall Off His Horse
Virginia A. Stroud
The Cello of Mr. O
Jane Cutler


The No-Guitar Blues
Gary Soto
The Fire on the Mountain
Ethiopian folktale as told by Harold Courlander and Wolf Leslau
Ooka and the Honest Thief
Japanese folktale as told by I. G. Edmonds


The Old Woman and the Wave
Shelley Jackson
Letting Swift River Go
Jane Yolen
The Apple and the Envelope
Herbert Montgomery

Nonfiction Inquiry 4


Economics: Wants vs. Needs
Air Jordans: Demanding the Brand
Life Science: Animal Intelligence
Crows: Friend or Foe?
STEM: Engineering to Solve a Problem
Young Inventors Making the Future Brighter
Social Studies: The Oral Tradition
The Life and Legend of Johnny Appleseed
American History: Westward Expansion
Zitkala-Sa at Boarding School
Social Studies: Social Responsibility
"We Show Up for Each Other"
Social Studies: Justice and Fairness
Peer Solutions: Better Than Punishment?
Physical Science: Weather and Climate
Leave It to Beavers?
Social Studies: Personal Growth and Identity
Bystanders Who Stand Together