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Conversaciones 2 Teacher's Edition

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JLE-CON2 | ISBN 978-1-880323-15-1
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Teacher Materials
Conversaciones 2 Teacher's Edition

Conversaciones 2 Teacher's Edition

Conversaciones 2 is an engaging dual-language program composed of compelling age-appropriate stories and activities designed to support lively classroom discussions. Ideal for dual-language, bilingual, and immersion classrooms, Conversaciones 2 will get your Spanish-speaking students thinking, talking, and writing about great literature while developing their critical thinking, comprehension, and oral communication skills.

The Teacher's Edition is fully bilingual and includes the reading selections in both Spanish and English. Each unit includes suggested discussion questions, a full range of activities, and reproducible masters for writing and vocabulary work. The Teacher's Toolbox, a quick-reference section, provides guidance on conducting the activities and specific suggestions for working with students at different levels.

Note: Conversaciones 2 Student Books are out of print. However, they can be printed on demand with a minimum order of 50 copies ($18.95 each).

El sombrero del tío Nacho (Uncle Nacho's Hat)
Nicaraguan folktale as told by Harriet Rohmer
Jack y el tallo de frijol (Jack and the Beanstalk)
English folktale as told by Joseph Jacobs
La pajarita de papel (The Little Paper Bird)
Fernando Alonso
El gorrito mágico (The Magic Listening Cap)
Japanese folktale as told by Yoshiko Uchida
La sapita sabia (The Wise Little Toad)
Rosario Ferré
La Cenicienta (Cinderella)
Charles Perrault
Bajo la luna de limón (Under the Lemon Moon)
Edith Hope Fine
El globo rojo (The Red Balloon)
Albert Lamorisse
El burrito y la tuna (The Little Burro and the Prickly Pear)
Guajiro folktale as told by Ramón Paz Ipuana
La manzana de la satisfacción (The Apple of Contentment)
Howard Pyle