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Grade 5 Student License (Digital)

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JGB Digital Classroom: | $21.95 | DCL-S5-DE | NOTE: Digital books cannot be printed.
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Grade 5 Student License (Digital)

Grade 5 Student License (Digital)

This is a one-year subscription to Junior Great Books Digital Classroom for Junior Great Books® Series 5 and Junior Great Books Nonfiction Inquiry 5.

Junior Great Books Series 5 consists of two books organized by theme, each one featuring nine stories by award-winning authors. The program, focused on high-quality literature and student-centered discussion, provides a superb framework for teaching reading comprehension, critical thinking, vocabulary, and writing.

Junior Great Books Nonfiction Inquiry 5 includes nine engaging texts that students can explore through Shared Inquiry and interpretive activities.

Note: Digital materials cannot be printed. This is a one-year subscription. 

Students using Junior Great Books Digital Classroom can:

  • Complete all assignments online
  • Listen to professionally-recorded audio versions of the fiction readings
  • Annotate texts in several different ways
  • Prepare for discussion by writing ideas and citing evidence
  • Record their thinking over the course of a unit
  • Access content through any device connected to the Internet

Fiction Book One


Shirley Jackson
The Special Powers of Blossom Culp
Richard Peck
The Peddler’s Gift
Maxine Rose Schur


In the Time of the Drums
Gullah folktale as told by Kim L. Siegelson
Learning the Game
Francisco Jiménez
The Invisible Child
Tove Jansson


The Coming of the Surfman
Peter Collington
All Summer in a Day
Ray Bradbury
A Game of Catch
Richard Wilbur

Fiction Book Two


Kamau’s Finish
Muthoni Muchemi
Ghost Cat
Donna Hill
The Hemulen Who Loved Silence
Tove Jansson


The Enchanted Sticks
Steven J. Myers
Kaddo’s Wall
West African folktale as told by Harold Courlander and George Herzog
The Prince and the Goose Girl
Elinor Mordaunt


A Bad Road for Cats
Cynthia Rylant
Lenny’s Red-Letter Day
Bernard Ashley
Through the Mickle Woods
Valiska Gregory

Nonfiction Inquiry 5


American History: Westward Expansion
Home Sweet Homestead
Economics: Wants vs. Needs
Give It Up for Happiness
Social Studies: The Oral Tradition
Storytelling in the Time of Slavery
Physical Science: Weather and Climate
Out-of-This-World Weather
Social Studies: Individual Development and Group Dynamics
How Free Should Recess Be?
STEM: Engineering to Solve a Problem
Thomas Heatherwick: Making Things Happen
Social Studies: Social Responsibility
The Richest Man in the World
Social Studies: Leadership
Plain, Ordinary Mrs. Roosevelt
Life Science: Habitat Destruction
Roads Take a Toll on Wildlife