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JGB Series 2 Print and Digital Classroom Bundle

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GBCB-2-PDE | Print and JGB Digital Classroom: Bundle for one teacher and 30 students | $3,089.00 | NOTE: Digital books cannot be printed.
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Print and Digital Bundle
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JGB Series 2 Print and Digital Classroom Bundle

JGB Series 2 Print and Digital Classroom Bundle

Our classroom bundles include everything you need to successfully use Junior Great Books® and Junior Great Books Nonfiction Inquiry in your classroom—teacher materials, student materials for 30 students, and online training to prepare you to begin using the Great Books Foundation's Shared Inquiry™ method of learning.

Junior Great Books Series 2 contains two books, each with nine outstanding fiction selections grouped into three themes. Junior Great Books Nonfiction Inquiry 2 features nine thought-provoking nonfiction texts that yield rich questions.

Each classroom bundle includes materials for one teacher and 30 students:

  • JGB Series 2 Teacher’s Editions (Books One and Two) and Nonfiction Inquiry 2 Teacher’s Guide
  • 30 JGB Series 2 Student Books (Books One and Two) and 30 Nonfiction Inquiry 2 Student Logs
  • One Shared Inquiry Essentials online training course

Fiction Book One


The Happy Lion
Louise Fatio
Miss Maggie
Cynthia Rylant
Anancy and Dog and Puss and Friendship
West Indian folktale as told by James Berry


Catalog Cats/Our Garden (from The Stories Julian Tells)
Ann Cameron
Carlos and the Cornfield
Jan Romero Stevens
The Wedding Basket
West African folktale as told by Donna L. Washington


The Jade Stone
Chinese folktale as told by Caryn Yacowitz
The Girl and the Chenoo
Native American folktale as told by Joseph Bruchac and Gayle Ross
Jack and the Beanstalk
English folktale as told by Joseph Jacobs

Fiction Book Two


Erandi’s Braids
Antonio Hernández Madrigal
The Invisible Hunters
Nicaraguan folktale as told by Harriet Rohmer
Fishing Day
Andrea Davis Pinkney


Perfect Crane
Anne Laurin
Hurricane Flowers
Ethel Pochocki
My Great-Grandmother’s Gourd
Cristina Kessler


The Wise Little Toad
Rosario Ferré
Doodle Flute
Daniel Pinkwater
The Velveteen Rabbit
Margery Williams

Nonfiction Inquiry 2


Life Science: Bees and Pollination
Why We Need Bees
Physical Science: Properties of Stones
From Stone to Sculpture
Economics: Economic Decision-Making
Impulse Buying: How Stores Make Us Want More
Life Science: Animals and Habitats
Splash! Rustle! How Habitats Help Frogs Survive
Social Studies: Individual Development and Community
Connecting Young and Old
Physical Science: Extreme Weather
Storm Trackers Save Lives
Social Studies: Folktales and Culture
Harriet Rohmer: Sharing the World's Stories
Social Studies: Social Responsibility
Making Life Sweeter for Others
Physical Science: Weather and Climate
Figuring Out Drought