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Junior Great Books Series 3, Book One Reader's Journal

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NRJ-31 | ISBN 978-1-933147-26-0 | Final Sale
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Junior Great Books Series 3, Book One Reader's Journal

Junior Great Books Series 3, Book One Reader's Journal

NOTE: This item is from a previous edition of our series for grade 3. This is a final sale. Quantities are limited, and this item will not be reprinted. Click here to buy the current edition.

The Junior Great Books® Series 3, Book One Reader's Journal contains organizational tools for prewriting and drafting, a glossary of challenging words, and a Writing Notebook section for students' revised writing. In the Reader's Journal, students:

  • Write and draw in response to stories
  • Practice specific reading comprehension skills
  • Respond to discussion and collect their ideas about each story

This Reader's Journal contains activities for the following selections: 

The Banza
Haitian folktale as told by Diane Wolkstein
The Man Whose Trade Was Tricks
Georgian folktale as told by George and Helen Papashvily
The Fisherman and His Wife
Brothers Grimm
Ooka and the Honest Thief
Japanese folktale as told by I. G. Edmonds
It’s All the Fault of Adam
Nigerian folktale as told by Barbara Walker
The Monster Who Grew Small
Joan Grant
The Selkie Girl
Scottish folktale as told by Susan Cooper
The Mushroom Man
Ethel Pochocki
The Princess and the Beggar
Korean folktale as told by Anne Sibley O’Brien
The Fire on the Mountain
Ethiopian folktale as told by Harold Courlander and Wolf Leslau